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Guide to our forum

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Guide to our forum

Post by Inanna on Sun Dec 06, 2015 9:27 am

A Guide to the Wolves of Sherwood Forum


As with the official RK forum, this one is a blend of IC and OOC areas. Unless a section or thread is specifically designated “out of character”, we’d prefer you to keep your interaction here “in character” at all time. Some players choose to use a different colour font to denote ooc posts, this is a great and discreet way to designate the difference so please be aware of it. This is not to say that everything that goes on here is RP in the traditional sense, nor that these are all hard and fast rules, just that we really would like to keep the mood and tone here as authentic to the game as possible.

For your reference, here is a good example of how to define the difference written by our own dear Raider.

Raider wrote:
IC=talking about the game situation in character without writing out/RPing your actions and words. So if somebody had a wedding announcement you write "Congrats" while the [Story] way would be "Raider smiles and claps his hands." Often used in announcement threads, council forums etc etc.

OOC= Talking about the game situation out of character. Used often to explain game mechanics and such. So if people were talking about robbery it would be like "Make sure you have at least 200 strength for full FC" where as the [Story] way would be something like "Eat plenty of meat so you can be nice and strong before terrorizing the roads".

Regarding RP and Stories

We have decided to include the tag [Story] here instead of the tradional [RP] tag, which seems a bit misleading as most of the forum is in character and therefore role-play anyhow. [Story] threads are for when you’d like to create a situation or instance separate from the normal ongoing life in the Forest here.

Regarding Timelines

We tend to think of the Forest here as being a bit of a “Neverland”, a place out of time and space. How else would all Wolves be able to interact despite being dispersed across the in game world? But this does not mean that what happens here has no lasting effect on your character.  Please be reasonable about what happens here and when, though due to the nature of the game and its timing this can be tricky.

Regarding Masks, Second Characters and Clones

Masked characters have long been a part of the tradition within the Wolves. Spies and intelligence gathering are key to most achievements and we welcome those who wish to join us secretly. However, there is a difference between being masked and operating here as a second character. If your join us as a masked Wolf, this means your in game character is a Wolf as well. The two are the same.

With the “linked accounts” function, many players these days have more than one character they play. We have no problem with this. It’s legal within the game’s functionality and is not considered an exploit. With active role-players, it might even be necessary to gain extra NPC slots. Please just let Inanna know should you wish to join our forum here with both characters.

Clones, as in characters created in multiples for the intent to exploit game mechanics or cause unfair harm are not allowed within the Wolves of Sherwood.


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