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Calling all writers!!

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Calling all writers!!

Post by Inanna on Thu Oct 05, 2017 9:55 am

Tales and Taverns is going well. Grave is coding his little fingers off and we're now ready to start populating the world with npc characters and events.

We are looking for help creating short but evocative stories and events where the player gets to make choices that then will have an effect or consequence.

The events can be tied to:

  • the players home
    a terrain type (river, forest, coastal, grassland, mountain, river)
    a specific location such as a city or map location (the map is hex based)
    an activity
    a tool type

Stats at the moment are:

  • Saint/Sinner


  • Farming
    Foraging food
    Foraging wood
    Foraging dye ingredients

Tool types (so far...):

  • Kitchen
    Butchers block
    Dyemakers cauldron
    Dye vat
    Weavers loom
    Woodworking tools
    Leatherworking tools
    Jewelcrafters bench
    Brewers vat
    Artist studio
    Writers desk
    Barber surgeon tools
    Spare bed (for a guest house ofc *ahem*)

Crafting or profession is tied to the tool you have equipped in your home and can be changed. I'm open to more ideas for tools but be aware that even this list isn't completed yet so not all these might be in the game at launch. Don't let that limit you though! We're open to anything!!

Some examples of events I've written will follow in the next post. Smile


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Re: Calling all writers!!

Post by Inanna on Thu Oct 05, 2017 10:01 am

The smell of a fresh forest morning surrounds you but you haven’t gone ten steps down the path when you feel the sticky strings of a spider web across your face. You jump back, furiously trying to wipe it away and praying there was no spider in residence.

On the bright side, it means you’re the first along the path this morning and foraging should be plentiful! (bonus to foraging)

The road isn’t always a lonely place and today you encounter a merry band that includes a joyful pilgrim singing songs of praise in a rich baritone.

Now this looks like it could make the day pass more quickly!
Ugh, no thank you. Last thing you want to have to deal with today is a bunch of chattering church goers.  

1a. Unfortunately the noise the be heard such a distance ahead that the band of thieves had plenty of time to prepare their ambush, and you were too busy working on adding your own harmonies to notice. (minus gold, delay in travel time)
2a. Your day passes peacefully with nothing but birdsong to be heard. Tavern gossip later tells you the other group didn’t fare so well as the thieves heard them coming a mile away.

Just rounding a bend in the path, you spot a small camp off to the side of the road. A small wagon sits behind a campfire where a young boy is making a hot meal for an older man, presumably his father. The man greets you as you approach with a cheery hello.

1. Wave back but continue on your way. You’re not feeling particularly social.
2. Stop and have a chat! It’s always nice to meet new people.

1a. The man tips his cap to you and goes back to his meal with no further notice. But the boy...his eyes follow you and it makes you feel a bit uncomfortable. Should you have stopped? Well, it’s too late and probably none of your business anyhow.

2a. The man gestures you to take a seat on the log next to you and snaps at the boy to bring you a bowl of the thin liquid which barely passes for potage. You thank him but he keeps his eyes lowered and doesn’t speak a word. You can’t tell if he’s shy or scared or mute.

You’re curious and try and strike up a conversation. “So, are you and your son traveling far?”
Something doesn’t feel right. You make small talk until you finish your meal then leave.

1a. The man looks up in surprise. “No, he’s not my son. Found him, I did. Poor babe was left at at a crossroads. I struggle to afford to be able to feed even myself, and he doesn’t seem quite right in the head. Doesn’t talk, but he’s obedient and does what he’s told. He’s not much use but I could hardly leave him.”

a.Your heart goes out to this man who is obviously trying to do the right thing. “I know it’s not much, but let me give you a bit of coin for his keep.” ( minus 10 gold, plus a few saint points)
b.“Such a shame, but such is the way of the world. He’s lucky to have you.” Yes, it’s time to go.. This nothing you want to be involved in. (nothing)
c.You eye the boy again and a plan begins to form. He’s obedient, eh? There are plenty of ways you could think of using a spare set of hands and a silent tongue. You offer to buy the boy. a.The man looks slightly shocked and refuses which is a shame. (no gold loss but earns a bunch of sinner points.) or b.(you do buy him if we have npcs coded in you get an npc but lose a bunch of g plus earn sinner points)

2a.“Such a shame, but such is the way of the world. He’s lucky to have you.” Yes, it’s time to go.. This nothing you want to be involved in. (nothing)

Please give me a ping either here or on Facebook or Twitter if you are interested in helping. And yes, if you have friends you trust who would like to help, the more the merrier! We are happy to give everyone credit in game for the events you write!

Hugs to all! <3


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