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~tpb Inanna's Guide to the Wolves of Sherwood

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~tpb Inanna's Guide to the Wolves of Sherwood

Post by Inanna on Sun Dec 06, 2015 9:56 am

Hello, and thanks for your interest in the Wolves of Sherwood!

The Wolves of Sherwood have been part of RK for years, and have been many different things depending on the leadership at the time. What I would like to define here is what we are today, under my leadership, in the hopes it will help any wishing to join understand exactly what they are getting themselves into.

Being a criminal in RK has never been easy. The game mechanics have always, always been stacked against those wishing to rob, revolt and generally cause a bit of trouble, and it seems to get worse with every update. So if it’s such a pain in the arse, why do we do it? Well, because it’s still a lot of fun! And as the difficulty level rises, so does the satisfaction you get from eventually pulling something off!

The Wolves are not, and have never been under my leadership an “evil” organisation. Yes, we cause trouble. For goodness sake, the game would be beyond boring if every player in the game played “good guys” all the time! But we are never looking for destruction or mayhem without a strong motive. (Or at least a motive good enough to make a great story out of. Wink )

Our ultimate aspiration will always be good in game action combined with great storytelling and role-play. Of course, the success of this then relies on the “good guys” to get involved as well, which is often difficult, but not impossible, and we encourage our members to try and maintain open ooc communication with the “other side” during our activities.

Finally, if you are thinking of joining the Wolves of Sherwood, be aware that this will have a permanent effect on your character’s reputation. Once a Wolf, always a Wolf in the eyes of most good guys, so please be prepared for this. Especially in the sad instances of RL and RP blurring, this can be particularly hard to deal with.

So if you still feel the Wolves are for you, we are happy to welcome you here.


We rob from the rich, give some to the poor and keep some for ourselves.


Not all thieves are Wolves and not all Wolves are thieves.

And most importantly….

Because what’s right isn’t always what’s legal.

~tpb Inanna


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